These Spine-Chilling Pictures Of Drug Addicts Are Not Less Than A Nightmare

We dare you to take a look.

A lot of people in the US are caught up in a trap of drug addiction and drug abuse. As per reports in 2013, around 24 million people admitted to using drugs illicitly and prescribed medicine in last 30 days only.

Just in the USA, over 1.7 million people had been admitted to treatment programs in 2012.

Today, alcohol takes more lives than any other disease in the world. This addiction can wreak havoc with your health, destroy your career, your hopes and dreams and tear apart your family as well.

Just by looking at faces of drug addicts you could know the impact, you don’t have to ask experts.

Take a look!

A picture from 2008 to 2012


This pic shows the transformation of this man who was reportedly a user of methamphetamine (or commonly known as Meth). Meth is mostly used as a recreational drug.

Picture of a woman from 2004 to 2013.


She was charged with ‘possession of cocaine’. For all of those who don’t know, cocaine is a recreational drug and most commonly known as coke.

The direst, indeed spine-chilling!


This lady was reportedly charged with the possession of Meth. This just gave me chills!

A lady’s transformation between 2009 to 2014.


In less than 5 years totally destroyed her life. She was charged with ‘possession of heroin.’ Heroine is also known as diamorphine and used for its euphoric effects.

What kind of drug addict was she? This happened in just 3 years.


A heart-rending picture of the drug addict.


She was caught on the charges of ‘possessing controlled substances,’ reports The Telegraph.

This Old Guy!


He was allegedly caught purchasing cocaine. This must surely awake you from all the fantasy myths you have about drugs!

Totally distorted his face!


Those who sell have transformed as well.


This one, I leave to you.


She was charged with ‘possession of drugs’. Who’d have thought she’d look like this in just 3 years.

Have a look at her right eye.


This girl was caught on charges of ‘possession of paraphernalia.’

Paraphernalia is the instrument which is used to consume drugs. Like, Bong.

All the picture and info courtesy belong to

There could be endless pictures…


There are hundreds of thousands of pictures online of people who’re just slaves of this addiction. People, take it as a wakeup call and understand that excess of anything is bad.


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