People Asked A Man To Photoshop Pics And This Became Their Biggest Mistake

He’s simply good at humiliating people!

Nowadays, almost everyone wants to look good. And when we say everyone, we mean from a celebrity to common man. The rich people always have the option of going for plastic surgeries or using tons of makeup or going for tattoos to hide their scars or marks, etc. However, not everyone has thousands of dollars at their disposal. Hence, here comes the importance of Photoshop Guru, James Fridman, who transforms people the way they want and that too free of cost.

James takes people’s request quite “literally”.

And I’m sure, after looking at following pictures, you’re gonna give your picture too.

But first, you might want to read his warning on Twitter. And let me tell you, James is world renowned troll artist!

Go ahead, Take a look!

Guess now he looks more comfortable xD!

Why would anybody on this Earth stare at their partner while kissing?

Rofl, just can’t stop laughing!

This Freaks me out!

Guess now, the legs make it look much better! xD

That ASS!

Well, That’s one way of doing it.

He doesn’t agree with her.

Some people got all problems in the world.

Gotchya back bro!

There you go, he’s not dabbing anymore! xD

Haha, took me a while to get this!

Now meet Kevin from The Office.



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