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Modern World Pictures That Shows The Sad Truth Of The Society

Pictures don’t always mean extraordinary shots and beautiful paintings, sometimes pictures could also be used as a mirror and reflect the harsh truth of this modern society. The society is far from what it looks like. This sad truth will blow your brains out. Sometimes pictures can also be a spectacle that lets us see through. So, take a look at the pictures below, that shout out the sad truth about the society as a whole.

Steve Cutts is an animator and illustrator from London. Steve makes videos and images that criticize modern life – he states that insanity of humanity is an endless pool of inspiration.

Have a look!

1.The Zombies of social media.

2. Fast Food, TV, Drugs, etc.. consume most of our time!

3.And money rules us all!

4.We are addicted to smartphones!

5.A bunch of corporations rules us all… sad but TRUE!

6.TV isn’t called an Idiot Box for nothing!

7. Major corporations are eating Earth inside out!

8.And the craziness….We aren’t real anymore!

9.People have become monsters on Social Media!

10.People these days carry their brain elsewhere.

11.The sort of Horrific things we do in order to fulfill our greedy needs.

12.Poor are breaking their back in order to make the rich, richer.

13.The fear of work is unbelievable!

14.Running the same rat race!

15.Consumerism has entrapped us!

17.The couch that we’re trapped in!

18.We’re working like robots… 

19.The Santa who pressurizes parents.

20.Technology pets us all!

21.We are making the wrong choices.


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