Crazy Confessions From Sex Addicts That Will Make You Feel Uncomfortable

Some people say that sex addicts aren’t for real, but these confessions say otherwise. Sex addiction isn’t like any other addiction people have. We’ve heard about other addictions like people being addicted to some physical things or objects. But it gets complicated when you need another human.
Just go through these honest confessions made on  Whisper of some sex addicts and decide for yourself whether or not it’s ok to be a sex addict.

1. Could have gotten something better than toys


2.They just can’t manage


3. You might wanna stop now.


4. Maybe not your fault.


5. And it’s a real problem


6.Or maybe you are the one who thinks it does


7. Really?


8.Or keep a check on your addiction


9.The cravings!


10.So you know how it feels but you still choose to do it anyway.


11. Cause you can’t ever get enough!


12.Then definitely you gotta stop.


13.Stop before it’s too late.


14. You must have thought about the consequences.


15.You have a great stamina


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